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tv   News  ABC  February 23, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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all new this morning, one of the drivers whose truck plowed through a kfc on monday. we'll hear from him coming up. and a look at the gop debate last night. it came to arguing between romney and santorum. >> a live look outside this morning. our camera downtown at the inner harbor. thanks so much for joining us. >> great sunrise across the east coast. we saw ocean city a few moments ago. d.c. a few moments ago as well. >> so let's get things started with a look at the weather. i cannot believe i didn't have to put a coat on at 2:00 this morning when i left the house. >> i know. it felt good out there and it's going to get better if you like the warmer temperatures. close to 70 degrees and i think a lot of spots will hit 70.
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this is what's going to be happening as we go into the afternoon. right now we're looking at maryland's most powerful radar. not a whole lot and we are dry for the most part. we see a few showers trying to work their way into west virginia but all in all that won't be getting into our area. it will dry out before it gets here and the fact is we have some warm temperatures this morning. so as you head out the door you don't need the heaviest coat. baltimore coming in in the upper 40s right now. into annapolis, the wind is not a big factor this morning but they will pick up as we go into the afternoon. let's get a check now of the traffic with angela. >> as we have more folks heading into downtown, reports of a stalled car at ruckston road. also that county crash scene is still active in randallstown. now if you're traveling around the beltway of course it is picking up. we're starting to see a few more delays now. no major congestion and of
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course if we're traveling into downtown right now still looking good. the harbor tunnel throughway, no troubles headed to the fort mckin lee tunnel. a lot more folks on that north side between harford road and i-83. there's a lye look at maryland 146 and a little more time on the drive if you're heading out in the next few minutes. from white marsh boulevard to the beltway it's about a 7-minute drive. back over to you. a maryland man who survived after a car crash in his suv, that sent him flying into a kfc restaurant. he's now speaking out. we've got that all new reaction for us this morning. >> well, you know what? we have all new reaction from that crash survivor. bow lan is taking a few pain medications this morning but otherwise he'll be okay. he still cringes when he thinks about the horrible moment of the crash. he had just picked up his food from a kfc and got into
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his suv when all of a sudden he heard a loud sound. everett never saw the car coming before it smashed into him. the driver of that fast moving car died. the passenger of her car like everett has nonlife-threatening injuries. now, police say smith was driving way too fast. if she had lost control just moments earlier he would have died. >> if my car wasn't there, that car would have went right straight on through. and there would probably be more lives taken. >> the driver, smith, was traveling about 100 miles an hour when that crash happened. authorities want you to exercise caution after three pedestrians were hit and killed during the weekend. the deadly accidents happened on saturday in prince george's county. all three occurred after dark and state police say make yourself visible by wearing reflective material and cross only the marked intersections
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and crosswalks. >> the orange deflecktive device is usually what people are talking about. doctors and nurses are monitoring two hospital workers after police say a gunman shot two of his supervisors in connecticut. the shooting happened late last night. both victims will survive. police say they arrested the suspect who claims he was mad after a disciplinary incident. if you go to a casino to win some money but this group of women will have to look for another casino to hang out with in detroit's motor city. all this was friday night. this was caught on camera. security had to step in to break the whole thing up and since then the women have all been banned. >> you may take the kids to mcdonald's today and they may want some chicken mcnuggets but one woman in iowa was more fascinated with what she sees in
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hers. she claims she can see george washington in her chicken mcbutting net. she kept it for three years and posted it on ebay and it's now going for $100. $100 for a three-year-old chicken mc -- mcnugget? >> after three years who knows what it is. >> all right. so a ground breaking ceremony at a d.c. museum. >> what's so different about this place. we'll tell you about that, the new museum coming to our nation's capital. >> the soul train may start moving once again. he may be responsible for bringing it back. and some live pictures starting in st. louis.
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we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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welcome back. crews working frantically getting ready for the 84th annual academy awards. the kodak theater has now been covered in plastic to keep it in pristine condition until the stars arrive on sunday. bleachers and the press stands are up as well. coverage begins at 7:00 with the red carpet preshow. the ceremony starts at 8:30. president obama was on hand for the ground breaking ceremony for the 19th in the smithsonian institution. it's a museum dedicated to african americans who played a role in the nation's history. the president was joined by his wife and former first lady laura bush. >> the idea for a museum
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dedicateed to african americans was first put forward by black veterans of the civil war. and years later the call was picked up by members of the civil rights generation. by men and women who knew how to fight for what is right and strive for what is just. >> the museum will be built between the washington monument and the national museum of american history. it will be a 7-level structure with much of the exhibit space below ground. the soul train is now back on track. magic johnson bought the rights for the brand last year. he may bring it back with a variety show on tv or take it to broadway. soul train creator passed away earlier this month. >> still more to come on this thursday morning. >> hear's a preview of what we're working on. >> the controversial issue of same sex marriage goes before the full state senate this morning.
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what this means for the bill coming up. >> and the temperatures will surge close to 70 degrees today but how long will that last? a cold blast is coming. those details coming up. >> and a new accident reported this time in the city. we'll let you know how much that's going to impact your morning commute. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♪
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this is your news to go. >> kicking off with a check of your forecast and say hello once again toly shet charles. >> we are going to be dealing with the fact that we are going to have some storms in here possible. i wanted to show this to you because you are my fans that love the fact that we do have some snow that could come in march here. so we can see what's going on right now. the largest snow dumps on record, about 12 of them. i pulled the ones out in march. we can see march 29th through the 30th, 1942, 22 inches. then march #159 through 18th, 1892, 62 inches. and then 13 inches so we still have a chance to get some snow
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in here across the area. but for today, no type of snow whatsoever. we do have the temperatures this morning way too mild once again. 46 degrees into annapolis. brunswick right around 49 and baltimore at 47. the lat site and radar not picking up on a whole lot this morning. plenty of sunshine as we go through this morning into the afternoon. the clouds will be on the increase out there as well. and for today, that high will come in right around 68 degrees. again, if we get more sunshine in here we will be in the 70s. let's get a check now of your traffic with angela. good morning. >> good morning to you. an accident causing some problems traveling through the city. if you normally take 895 southbound between lombard street and the highway it's
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where we have traffic stopped. the accident is blocking the left lane and causing some major delays. but not the case for those of you traveling around 695. no accidents reported so far on the baltimore beltway as we get a live look here. you will see brake lights however. this of course due to heavy volume on the outer loop lanes. let's get a look at 895. this is going to be just before the start of those delays. this is north of the highway. traffic stopped southbound 895. stay with i-95 when you get to the split to avoid this delay. back over to you. we've got some breaking news to tell you about this morning. two u.s. troops have been killed. four more wounded. the attack happened thisappenedf afghanistan and pakistan. >> authorities are saying the gunman believed to be afghanistan turned the gun on the soldiers in an apparent act of anger. >> all right. so stay with us. we'll keep you posted as the news becomes available. we're going to be talking right now about the 2012 general assembly. the full senate will debate and vote on same sex marriage today. this has been a controversial issue and there is no sign right now it's letting up.
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details on what's happening today. >> in a few hours the maryland senate will start the discussion for the debate on same sex marriage. the debate was delayed after republican leaders asked for a postponement asking for an amendment on when the laws go into effect. they also want the opinion on the constitutionally of the amendment on the bill which narrowly passed the house last week. senate president mike miller said the vote is not likely to change. it will put maryland to be the 8th state to legalize same sex marriage. they will bring this issue to voters with the referendum on the november ballot. they can begin collecting the 55,000 signatures needed once it passes both chambers. today bradley manning will be arraigned at fort mead. he's accused of passing along
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sensitive information which exposes documents to the public. a trial set to resume this morning. the trial was put on hold because the state's primary investigator was too sick to testify. henson has said that he did not believe that those calls were illegal. maryland state police say they have arrested a suspect in armed robberies and in an assault. they found him in pennsylvania. he is arrested on two -- he was arrested on tuesday night in pennsylvania on unrelated charges. he's now awaiting extradition to maryland. it will be up to a judge to decide how much time george huguely will spend in prison for killing his exgirl friend. a jury recommended that huguely spend 26 years in prison after finding him guilty of second
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degree murder and grand larceny last night. they deliberated 9 hours. >> there are no winners in this case. there's nothing but loss everywhere. our hearts go out to the love family. they've suffered enormously. >> official sentencing is set for april. which will be when the judge makes his final ruling. he could receive up to 40 years in prison. after the verdict was handed down last night, what do you think about this? join the conversation by joining the fan page on facebook. a consumer alert for you. honda is recalling odd see minivans. it involves the 2008 and 2009 models equipped with lift gates. they can actually leak and cause them to fall. two minor injuries have been reported. have you done your taxes yet? well, if you're waiting for a refund it may take a little longer this year. instead of one to two weeks most
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of them now take about ten days to three weeks. the irs says it's all because of the new safeguards to prevent fraud. have you filled up your car lately? >> how much was it? >> it was a lot. >> we're all paying a lot more for gas these days and today president obama will reportedly lay out a plan to report a gas hike. the average price is 3.57. analysts say those prices could get to $5 a gallon by the summer. in baltimore area drivers are now paying an average of 3.60 per gallon for regular unleaded. we're always working for you trying to save you money at the pump. head to our website and then you can click on the gas prices link. simply enter your zip code to find the least expensive gas in your surrounding neighborhood. >> and it's pay what you can at their cafe.
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they're turning out to be a huge success. so much so that the company is planning more locations. unfortunately none are in this area. customers drop their money in a bin. there's a list of suggested donations but some customers actually pay even more. a key debate in the republican race for the white house may have put romney back on top this morning. with only days left before a crucial primaries in michigan as well as arizona, the shift in momentum for rick santorum could be slowing down. romney and santorum went at each other last night during the debate in arizona. santorum had to defend his record in congress and fired back at romney on health . >> while i was fighting to save the olympics you were fighting to save the bridge to nowhere. >> the bottom line is you used federal dollars to fund the government takeover of health care in massachusetts. >> ron paul joined the bash on santorum calling him fake. president obama will promote his
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energy policy and raise campaign money in florida today. a new poll shows obama leading all of the candidates right now. at least 8 million chirp are living in poverty here in the u.s. and in most states that number of children is increased by more over the past ten years and in maryland it's actually gone down. in 2000, 4% of the children in our state lived in po. before you head out the door this morning a father and a 9-year-old he was found driving in a vehicle okayed by him while he was intoxicated will be sentenced today. he'll be sentenced in michigan where he was pulled over. the senate committee on education and health will be holding a hearing on legislation that will give unborn children full rights as a person. the bill would define conception as the beginning of life. the effort to stop puppy mills will be an issue today. advocates will be raising
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awareness to lawmakers. and today a member of the aclu will testify in support of a bill in annapolis to block your boss for asking for social media passwords. the bill would also make it el legal for businesss to ask for passwords or user name when you show up to apply for a job. and the ravens mascot, and the bird will be entertaining fans at the hilton ballroom.
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the event is going to happen from 6:00 until 9:00. the tickets by the way, 65 bucks a person. let's talk about the temperatures this morning because we are quite mild once again. look at these temperatures in the upper 40s into baltimore and even into d.c. we will just get higher from there. i'll show you the temperatures in just a second but the satellite and radar we're not seeing a whole lot. no type of clouds really out there right now. nypehe ck iúvirtimeúaternwill co moves in behind that for thel co weekend. for today, temperatures close to 70 degrees and tonight, 47 mild and here's a check of the 7-day forecast for you. you can see the cold air as we go into saturday and especially sunday. let's get a check of the traffic right now with angela. >> for those of you traveling across the chesapeake bay bridge, westbound heavy and slow
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right now. also traveling southbound 895 through the city. that's where you'll come across the accident we reported earlier. it has been moved to the shoulder but still seeing some residual delays there. let's take a look at some of our traffic cameras to see what you'll find heading out. 695 at the bw parkway. we are still seeing delays on i-95. this is spillover traffic from the accident on 895. we had people staying on 95. this is north of maryland 43. we normally see volume delays here anyway. of course having some problems there. still slow as you make your way to the topside of the beltway. so a new study says many parents no longer read fairy tales to their kids. >> many parents say they are too dark. little red riding hood, that big bad wolf ends up eating grandma. so a lot of parents are saying i'm going to skip the fairy tales because i can't answer those questions to my kids.
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do you read fairy tales to your children? weigh in on facebook. we want to know what you think. >> i loved the three little pigs. >> no, the pigs built the brick house. >> and he blew it down. >> let me tell you how it goes. the wolf eats the pig. blows down the house of straw -- >> and the pigs run to the brick house. >> no, that may be in pringle world, no, he eats the pig. >> what was your favorite? >> cinderella. i always thought that was a good story. >> that's a morbid ending of that too. >> i did read this study and they said that disney has really created a happier fairy tale so a lot of children can get those books. >> cinderella of course, all girls like . >> all right. >> he eats the pig! >> by the way, happy birthday to
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myora and dave.
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